Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TATERS recap of march/april:

fuuuuck me. I've been MIA on our lovely blogathon. forgive me, cunts. okay..

so let me do a brief overview of europe.

LONDON: Cecilia met me in london (from stockholm) with her friend Manfred. she wrapped this gift for me in swedish newspaper with a photo of britney spears-bald.framed in silver heart shaped tape. ready?

these photos were taken on my camera phone. dont know if you can read the instructions. basically they took a kids memory game and changed every photo in the box to matching vaginas. haha HOT HOT SEX. and all of the instructions were changed to make reference to cunts in really poor english. perhaps one of the best gifts ive ever been given! hahaha. ahhhhmazing.

we went to see crystal castles. tried pregaming. an 1/8th of vodka in london goes for around $18 kids.. unreal. we went and drank in the bar. cecilia/manfred:
we met some hot little boys and stickered them tbg. here's one of them:

we talked to this boy from boston who told us about 3 story party at scala that new young pony club was supposedly djing at. witha £10 ($20+) baha...efff that. he suggested that we try to drop ben rayners (as in the London vice photographer-ben rayner) name for a cheap list. I did so. turned on the charm. and convinced the promoter to give me two free passes and two for £5/ea. bwaha. went inside 9 djs per level. 3 levels. it was intense as hell. they were selling helium balloons. barely 18 yr old hipsters were overreacting to the placebos. we tried them regardless just to say we did. bore. music was wild. twas getting late and we weren't gonna drink anymore. tiyad betches. so we left and went home. took us like 45 minutes to hail a black cab. nightmares. that city rrrrraped me f financially. but I scored a lot of hot shoes. about 8 pairs.

another night after the swedes left, d and I went to durrr. was alright. lines for drinks were obscene. door people were rude as hell. we ended up getting drunk but not until the end of the night when it was time to leave. the wind at that circle by the end beat the hell out of my nose.
deanna tried whoring me out to the sales clerks at a convenience shop on the way back to jordans (deanna's uncle) by telling them that I'd dance for them if he'd sell her alcohol after hours.. motherfucker. I then went home and drunk video chatted with barb and nectar and crew. then woke up jordan and he scolded deanna. and then she tried strangling me in my sleep. fucking psycho.

BERLIN: stumbled upon a bottle of absinthe. my ignorant ass had to ask the cashier to explain the process in broken English. he did so. graciously gifted two special absinthe "spoons." deanna and I spent the remainder of that evening searching desperately for sugar cubes. DSC_0319.jpg (good thing we used like 4 out of a box of 70) and successfully we returned to our.. APARTMENT

DSC_0295.jpg(yes apt. they upgraded our hostel to a full apt at no additional charge. <33333 berlin) with a full box of them and realized we didn't even possess shot glasses. so we busted out the smallest glasses we could find. DSC_0115.jpg it started to get to the point where I was chugging it straight from the bottle. tastes like licorice, p.s. deanna and I left an outlet adapter in london so we couldnt plug in my powerbook to listen to music. so all we had was our ipod a headphone splitter and two pairs of headphones.. we worked with what we had. played a mix of dance songs. prepped for a night out in berlin. deanna leaves to pee, and I recall grabbing my two half eaten bagels, a bottle of champagne that I was chasing the absinthe with, a can of pringles, a container of cream cheese, my ipod and phone and sneaking up into my top bunk away from deanna because she wanted to go out and I was too trashed to exist. I remember her ass crawling up there shaking me and I was a total corpse.

I woke up the next morning in a confused laughter went and looked in the mirror and all I saw was this and screaming to deanna "I JUST LOOKED IN THE MIRROR AND ALL I SAW WAS THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAMN.... AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN MADE IT TO PARIS YET" man we didn't make it out that day til like 4 pm.. haha god damnit. we never made it to white trash fast food either.. so in a panic to rush in the last minute tourism stops, I mapped out the ultimate tour. and we successfully hit everything major except the INSIDE of the jewish museum. it otay. Ill see you again, berlin..

ahhh Ill update later. gotta leave work now.

Friday, March 30, 2007

so things here have been a bit hectic right now, so sorry to the lurkers that read and dont find an update.

so miami was awesome, it was beautiful weather, rained a little but still good. the ed banger show was fucking amazing. made all the money worth it. eventhough the streak of bad luck with emmi was during the course of my visit, i think things are picking up now.

not that many things have been going lately. so i guess this the eye of the tornado.

katie has yet to post about her trip in europe and emmi about her streak of bad luck.

either way, when they post, im sure it was worth the wait.

go to this tomorrow if you're in the city:

Monday, March 26, 2007

we have been wearing the same clothes for the last 48 hours.
walking around non-stop posting flyers

smoking some weed with these people

this is officially summer of chaos. started this friday.

bye peace bitch

Monday, March 19, 2007

too lazy.

hey yall. it has been a few days since we wrote in this. we're getting kinda lazy in writing posts.

just saying a good happy birthday to one of our fellow epic girls. emmi, we love you girl. you're giving us drunk calls and you're living it up in miami. happy 21st girl.

and katie came back to chicago today from her awesome trip to europe for the past few days. im sure we're going to write a good post about it.

we decided to have spice girl nicknames, so you'll see a pretty sweet post about that.

see ya.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

keepin it grimey miami style

being back in miami means only one thing:

ridin dirty

im still sick, but almost better, slurping some hella nasty shit
that goes in my water but its working.

next week nectar comes down for my birthday which has turned into something
even more epic because feba (fuck it im spelling it the way its pronounced sorry girl) is my birthday partner in crime, not only will we be poppin free bottles of vodka thanks to my uber best girl nobby, but kid sister will be doing a show the same night at the same place! so its like i'll have alittle bit of chicago with me.
i only wish barb and katie could be down here causing sheer terror with the rest of us.

chicago spring break style was epic in itself. albert was up on some grimey shit milking codiene out of pills at the crib which lead to barb nectar and i looking like this by the end of the night:

we were a hot mess at debonaire but that isn't anything new:

and we took family photos:

spending another birthday dateless and recently shadified,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

recap RECAP

an update of what we did over the past few days. lets say this went on: my nephew coming from st. louis, barb almost hitting r. kelly in downtown, sizzurp, hot as fuck basement, dancing dancing dancing, greygoose and patron along with zenof vodka, laying around, white castle, chicken o's, chicken nibblets, boys being hella stupid, fell in love with the southside again, being scared by seeing goldy locks, finding a penetrate sex magnet in the grass, barb trying to steal my catfish with her jedi powers emmi leaving :(, and amazing fried rice from chinatown but instead having a romantic dinner parked in a dark street eating in the car while looking at the skyline from the southside.

with pictures soon, but we're sitting here watching street fights on youtube, yay for resin and eating white cheese, ranch doritos and onion dip.

just watched this fucked up and we are in love with it::::

fuck yes.

happy birthday clayton and joe

-brutal barb and nectar

Monday, March 5, 2007

Most amazing woman alive!

Britney spears has lost her damn mind, she has finally come up to my level.
If you havent heard the story yet, Britney wrote "666" on her forehead, at the rehab center she was enrolled into, she ran around the center, screaming " I am the child of Satan, i am the antichrist". Afterwards attempted hanging herself from a cord, but failed.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She has won a spot in
She also has been calling Kevin to get back together. I love this bitch so much.
Also I cant stop wearing my weed bandana. Now Im going to smoke more weed.
peace bitches.

Love u.

we are in need of some REGULATION

im doing my first blog.
and for the record the extent of our sheer epicness
is only doubled by the fact that we are hilarious sober:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
what can't be seen is how barb cleaned into the floor 666.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my best friend in miami with me to meet my best girls
shes really cute:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
we make really awesome clothes and really awesome beats.
shes back in miami now though

nectar started "socially smoking" this weekend
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Saturday, March 3, 2007

miami goes midwest

miami goes midwest this weekend. our girl emmi and nobby are in town. nobby being the cutest girl ever. sonotheque last night, and tonight living it up cheap going to house parties. this weekend should be fun.


soon midwest goes miami in t minus 16 days. soon we will be elbowing with justice, sebastian, busy p, and mstrkrft in studio a hanging out on the beaches under the blazing sun and jet skiing. jealous? yea i thought so.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wanna dip in the pool?

yeah we know we're wearing the same shit

we love gravity.

thanks to this we're high as shit.

Attempting to leave to bar louie w used an amzing piece homemade the gravity bong. Nectar was over and charlie came over. I tried to cnvince Charlie to ditch class and get stoned, well we got stoned alright.Katie walks in as we are doing this and i gve her a few hits. Charlie left to class, and now me nectar and katie are eating food. and talking about my feels, the happy, mad and normal. holllaaa

-brutal barb

we totally almost freaked out at bar louie. and when we left we were questioning if we were even in there.


Monday, February 26, 2007

do you freebase?

so tonight will be a nectar and barb adventure. jump on board:

my hair looks like a rainbow.
so instead of me going to class today, decided not too since barb offered to get high and go shopping. who would deny such an offer?

so we went to target, and basically decided bought veggie stuff cause you know girl needs to keep her figure. then went to aldi because we all of a sudden had a craving to eat hot dogs. let down. they don't accept credit cards. drove on down to jewel and was decided if we should get wine on sale for a $1. no. bought juices. got home, hung out with a dude for a minute that asked barb if she freebase. sweet. smoked with him, that he said was meant for the grateful dead. we are honored. we all talked, he left. now our feast can begin.

ate an amazing perfect, glorious mushroom pizza. and now we're feasting away with sweet potatos mash potatoes, black olives, and garlic rye chips. who knows how far we're going on this one. barb was seranading me with singing "she just keeps on farting all the time farting all the time". Classic. Queen of Attack Farts. Yes.

and we shouldnt worry because emmi is high in miami with us. shit. cant wait for her to be here again on thursday.

see ya.


edit at 11:47: and ate some chicken egg rolls.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

bodybang at the banggang

after a lot of weed was smoked and a lot of long island ice teas later and we are all feeling and looking a bit haggard and we are now going through our rehabilitation stage.

but to recap.
last night was fun.
eventhough the only action we all got was from a huge speaker that vibrated like heaven when leaned/sat on.
there was a snow storm and being high maintanence, had to be dropped off right in front in order to not ruin our hair or to get our shoes wet.
the djs were good eventhough but by the time i had 2 long island ice teas, they could have played screeching cats and i would have danced to it.

when tini was over. we went back home to where i completely passed out. the only thing i can remember while i was sleeping was the ding noise of the microwave going off and barb crawling into bed saying "dude im so stoned".

and to end the best weekend: driving to mcdonalds wearing the same thing as i did the night before, looking not too good. emmi wanted the burgers to be extra greasy, and thank god they were.

but im sure that these pictures will do us some justice. well at least some.

More pics once they're uploaded.
-Sweet Nectar


we braved that fucking party despite the sloshstorm.

I was 1st to the party alongside dayne at around 9 am after being asked by Jillian to fill Misa's shoes for the 9-10 dj slot. uh totally unprepared. mama's no dj. threw some lower-fi dance songs onto my ipod and scrambled to tini. of course my clumsy ass trips over the cord while slithering into the dj booth and knocks it on the ground, awkwardly silencing the club. haha. just my style.

decent turn out for open bar.
basement began to flood. eventually closed our little artfair down. barb, nectar and crew dragged their asses to tini at around 10.30 (motherfuckers. always late... no. back up. BARBs always late) 11. 12. 12.30 rolls by. no emmy, vyle, foster? whhhhhat the hell? are they effing? or drunk? high? no. bitches were sleeping!! kill. emmy complained about how shitty her day was so we alleviated her sorrows with alcohol and she was probably nursed with drugs as well.....

I second nectar's testimonial regarding the music.

in addition to my incapacitated eardrums (sinus infection. fluid behind my eardrums), 3 screwdrivers, 2 vodka shots, a long island and a bottle of "vodka and lime" (and by lime barb meant limade) impaired both my focus and my sanity for the evening. the bass however held my attention.. was reaaaaal good to us on that PA. twas totally gellin. I highly suggest public group masterbation. nothing can unite a sisterhood like sharing orgasms. bahaha

thankfully joe showed up to capture some footage of the wild dance floor. highlighted were emmy, barb and nectar. keep your tongue in your mouth and cock tucked in your pants, ladies and gents.

closed the party @ 3 am angrily threatening the life of an unwelcomed, intruding klepto heading toward my apartment with my roomate.

woke up @ 9 am in the same position as when I fell asleep here @ 3 am:

stumbled into the living room to find lina on a bed under the table, barb (in her black and white houndstooth dress and leopard print betsy johnson pajama pants with one sock half on) and nectar (with her day after rats nest hair) all night of the living dead on the futon and emmy, a disheveled corpse awkwardly crammed on the uncomfortable blanketless couch.

they rode the white horse til probably around 7 am with Iz. ultimately layed them out until two of them woke up in a panic realizing emmy's flight back to miami left shortly. after a few desperate attempts to resuscitate her, she finally came to. bitch stumbles in my room all blank and zombified with her damn suitcase and hair all a mess. we tried to do the same for barb to no avail. bitch tells me later that she was faking it at one point. and farted only to convince her pals of her deep slumber. because apparently normals do that in their sleep? also, how does one improvise a fart? I think it'd be safe to say that she studied the honorable petomane of paris.

HAHA. I'm sure it was real "strong and nasty." hahaha. will we ever crack brutal's logic? doubtful.

teambanggang parties ritualistically promise to execute their attendees. I suggest you attend. 3/31/06. holler if you hear me, betches. out.

meet the ladies

mix 4 girls, a shit load of alcohol and this makes some of the most insane nights that we have not documented. so we figured why the fuck not.

meet the ladies:


Mami from Miami. Girls got style but not so much grace if you're looking at the pic above. I'm sure there's a need for an explaination for this picture so check it. New Years Eve Weekend. Walking out of Debonair Social Club. A bit on the drunk side. Emmi takes a tumble and eats concrete. Didn't think it was that bad but a sling was made from stylish scarves and a not so white towel. Unfortunately it didn't work miracles and had to go to the ER the next day. It was one of the best experiences at a ER. There wasn't a time where we weren't laughing in the ER. But anyways, from the words from Emmi herself "I am compeltely and intensly epic". We can't wait until she moves back here.


Now talk about a girl that has lost her mind. To sum her way of thinking is "I dont give a fuck". Girl has got NO shame. Her pictures and her face expressions are priceless. The only girl that I know that takes 1.5 hours in order to get ready for the night. But of course gorgeous and sweet with flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and a liver made of steal. Pic above made by our boy buddy Chris.


Talk about a girl that was meant to dance. Gorgeous lady that loves the ladies. Always listening to dance music. Cutest hair and laugh. One sweet sigur ros tattoo on her back and I am sure she was awaiting for the Spice Girls reunion tour. But hey whose not?


The only brown lady in the bunch. Blasian to the extreme. Tries very hard to not do anything embarassing but always do. The most fun when shes wasted, she will smile and giggle flashing her pearly whites (they're pretty white) for hours. Also, watch out because her hair has a mind of its own. We are still talking about the nest that was made on the top of her head the night after New Years. Love by all and she gives the love right back out. Only girl holding onto her v-card. with good reason. stds spreads like wildfire. so girl aint no ho.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


craziest out of all of us. won the spot of omg we are insane due to her attempt suicide and wrote 666 and saying she was the antichrist. go on girrrrrl.