Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wanna dip in the pool?

yeah we know we're wearing the same shit

we love gravity.

thanks to this we're high as shit.

Attempting to leave to bar louie w used an amzing piece homemade the gravity bong. Nectar was over and charlie came over. I tried to cnvince Charlie to ditch class and get stoned, well we got stoned alright.Katie walks in as we are doing this and i gve her a few hits. Charlie left to class, and now me nectar and katie are eating food. and talking about my feels, the happy, mad and normal. holllaaa

-brutal barb

we totally almost freaked out at bar louie. and when we left we were questioning if we were even in there.


Monday, February 26, 2007

do you freebase?

so tonight will be a nectar and barb adventure. jump on board:

my hair looks like a rainbow.
so instead of me going to class today, decided not too since barb offered to get high and go shopping. who would deny such an offer?

so we went to target, and basically decided bought veggie stuff cause you know girl needs to keep her figure. then went to aldi because we all of a sudden had a craving to eat hot dogs. let down. they don't accept credit cards. drove on down to jewel and was decided if we should get wine on sale for a $1. no. bought juices. got home, hung out with a dude for a minute that asked barb if she freebase. sweet. smoked with him, that he said was meant for the grateful dead. we are honored. we all talked, he left. now our feast can begin.

ate an amazing perfect, glorious mushroom pizza. and now we're feasting away with sweet potatos mash potatoes, black olives, and garlic rye chips. who knows how far we're going on this one. barb was seranading me with singing "she just keeps on farting all the time farting all the time". Classic. Queen of Attack Farts. Yes.

and we shouldnt worry because emmi is high in miami with us. shit. cant wait for her to be here again on thursday.

see ya.


edit at 11:47: and ate some chicken egg rolls.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

bodybang at the banggang

after a lot of weed was smoked and a lot of long island ice teas later and we are all feeling and looking a bit haggard and we are now going through our rehabilitation stage.

but to recap.
last night was fun.
eventhough the only action we all got was from a huge speaker that vibrated like heaven when leaned/sat on.
there was a snow storm and being high maintanence, had to be dropped off right in front in order to not ruin our hair or to get our shoes wet.
the djs were good eventhough but by the time i had 2 long island ice teas, they could have played screeching cats and i would have danced to it.

when tini was over. we went back home to where i completely passed out. the only thing i can remember while i was sleeping was the ding noise of the microwave going off and barb crawling into bed saying "dude im so stoned".

and to end the best weekend: driving to mcdonalds wearing the same thing as i did the night before, looking not too good. emmi wanted the burgers to be extra greasy, and thank god they were.

but im sure that these pictures will do us some justice. well at least some.

More pics once they're uploaded.
-Sweet Nectar


we braved that fucking party despite the sloshstorm.

I was 1st to the party alongside dayne at around 9 am after being asked by Jillian to fill Misa's shoes for the 9-10 dj slot. uh totally unprepared. mama's no dj. threw some lower-fi dance songs onto my ipod and scrambled to tini. of course my clumsy ass trips over the cord while slithering into the dj booth and knocks it on the ground, awkwardly silencing the club. haha. just my style.

decent turn out for open bar.
basement began to flood. eventually closed our little artfair down. barb, nectar and crew dragged their asses to tini at around 10.30 (motherfuckers. always late... no. back up. BARBs always late) 11. 12. 12.30 rolls by. no emmy, vyle, foster? whhhhhat the hell? are they effing? or drunk? high? no. bitches were sleeping!! kill. emmy complained about how shitty her day was so we alleviated her sorrows with alcohol and she was probably nursed with drugs as well.....

I second nectar's testimonial regarding the music.

in addition to my incapacitated eardrums (sinus infection. fluid behind my eardrums), 3 screwdrivers, 2 vodka shots, a long island and a bottle of "vodka and lime" (and by lime barb meant limade) impaired both my focus and my sanity for the evening. the bass however held my attention.. was reaaaaal good to us on that PA. twas totally gellin. I highly suggest public group masterbation. nothing can unite a sisterhood like sharing orgasms. bahaha

thankfully joe showed up to capture some footage of the wild dance floor. highlighted were emmy, barb and nectar. keep your tongue in your mouth and cock tucked in your pants, ladies and gents.

closed the party @ 3 am angrily threatening the life of an unwelcomed, intruding klepto heading toward my apartment with my roomate.

woke up @ 9 am in the same position as when I fell asleep here @ 3 am:

stumbled into the living room to find lina on a bed under the table, barb (in her black and white houndstooth dress and leopard print betsy johnson pajama pants with one sock half on) and nectar (with her day after rats nest hair) all night of the living dead on the futon and emmy, a disheveled corpse awkwardly crammed on the uncomfortable blanketless couch.

they rode the white horse til probably around 7 am with Iz. ultimately layed them out until two of them woke up in a panic realizing emmy's flight back to miami left shortly. after a few desperate attempts to resuscitate her, she finally came to. bitch stumbles in my room all blank and zombified with her damn suitcase and hair all a mess. we tried to do the same for barb to no avail. bitch tells me later that she was faking it at one point. and farted only to convince her pals of her deep slumber. because apparently normals do that in their sleep? also, how does one improvise a fart? I think it'd be safe to say that she studied the honorable petomane of paris.

HAHA. I'm sure it was real "strong and nasty." hahaha. will we ever crack brutal's logic? doubtful.

teambanggang parties ritualistically promise to execute their attendees. I suggest you attend. 3/31/06. holler if you hear me, betches. out.

meet the ladies

mix 4 girls, a shit load of alcohol and this makes some of the most insane nights that we have not documented. so we figured why the fuck not.

meet the ladies:


Mami from Miami. Girls got style but not so much grace if you're looking at the pic above. I'm sure there's a need for an explaination for this picture so check it. New Years Eve Weekend. Walking out of Debonair Social Club. A bit on the drunk side. Emmi takes a tumble and eats concrete. Didn't think it was that bad but a sling was made from stylish scarves and a not so white towel. Unfortunately it didn't work miracles and had to go to the ER the next day. It was one of the best experiences at a ER. There wasn't a time where we weren't laughing in the ER. But anyways, from the words from Emmi herself "I am compeltely and intensly epic". We can't wait until she moves back here.


Now talk about a girl that has lost her mind. To sum her way of thinking is "I dont give a fuck". Girl has got NO shame. Her pictures and her face expressions are priceless. The only girl that I know that takes 1.5 hours in order to get ready for the night. But of course gorgeous and sweet with flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and a liver made of steal. Pic above made by our boy buddy Chris.


Talk about a girl that was meant to dance. Gorgeous lady that loves the ladies. Always listening to dance music. Cutest hair and laugh. One sweet sigur ros tattoo on her back and I am sure she was awaiting for the Spice Girls reunion tour. But hey whose not?


The only brown lady in the bunch. Blasian to the extreme. Tries very hard to not do anything embarassing but always do. The most fun when shes wasted, she will smile and giggle flashing her pearly whites (they're pretty white) for hours. Also, watch out because her hair has a mind of its own. We are still talking about the nest that was made on the top of her head the night after New Years. Love by all and she gives the love right back out. Only girl holding onto her v-card. with good reason. stds spreads like wildfire. so girl aint no ho.

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craziest out of all of us. won the spot of omg we are insane due to her attempt suicide and wrote 666 and saying she was the antichrist. go on girrrrrl.